Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Me, Again!!!

 This is a portrait of my Grandson, Griffin. It's actually farther along now, so I will post a newer version soon, along with some other charcoal/pencil works.
 I love reading and looking at beautiful blogs. There is a magazine by Stampington called Artful Blogging that gives me goosebumps. Well, actually they have MANY publications that give me goosebumps!! I have seen snippets of my life coming together, I get the excitement when the ideas come....and then I fizzle out. Fear is damning and I'm filled with it. But, and this is the quest, I have to overcome the fear. I have become SO careful in every move I make, and I know that comes from having to keep myself and the girls alive and safe over the years. It's sad to say but there was always someone trying to manipulate, take from, or hurt us any way they could for their own greed. Add to that the abuse as a child...being told you were not good for anything but one thing. And it's really done some damage! But, I have been an adult for a long time, my girls are grown and beautiful strong women. I only have myself to blame if I don't chase the dreams now.
  I started this blog with the idea of it showing my art, and it will. But, I have many dimensions, and maybe by writing down the attempts, the wins and loses as I overcome these obstacles I will be able to help others, too.
 And, so, Dear Little Blog, I have returned to your pages.....may we have a strong and exciting bond as we go ahead with my life!!!

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