Friday, March 9, 2012


We have crocus coming up and blooming, butterflies and wasps, daffodils and tulips coming up through the crisp fall leaves. What happened to winter??!! I have very mixed emotions about this. I need all the seasons to be who they are!! It's to weird!
 I will be signing up for Social Security today. It feels very strange and yet I know the only way I'll survive is with it and working, too. I've been told you can only make so much money and then they start holding the Soc. Sec. back. I've been working since I was 12. That's a lot of years. Having lost my job at the Book Warehouse was a shocker. There really is no such thing as job security, even if you care about the place and the customers. But, once again I will's really hard to not get hard and bitter. I want control of my life, what I do and what I deserve to be paid. Not some shmuck who decides to do away with my position .
I'm still trying to fix the "Comment" thingy here on the Blog.
  Now I will post some Crocus photos from the garden. Have a splendid day!

So beautiful!
Where Is Winter?

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