Friday, June 10, 2011

IT'S JUNE ! Where Are the Fireflies!!

 It's hot out! And humid!! Thank goodness for air conditioning!! The vegetables are growing well and we've enjoyed 2 days of our own lettuce! Very satisfying!!
 I've actually been working on art, mainly Griffins portrait, but also a drawing I originally started in pencil and now am trying in charcoal.
 I'm beginning to work on a outline for drawing classes I'd like to start teaching here, at home. One will be the basic foundation that, I really believe, EVERY artist should know in order to succeed in whatever direction they go as artists. The other will be portraiture, in pencil/charcoal for now. These are my strengths and with art funding once again going out the window in the school systems, maybe I can help a creative child and their family continue to create. 
 I think I have some "not very good" photos of the works in progress to post. I'll let you know if we see any fireflies!!
 I also promise to keep working on better photos,too! The paper is actually white.