Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Giving In..To Spring!


 These crocus have the most amazing lavender lines running up from the centers!

 Okay, I just spent the morning sweeping up leaves and debris outside, laying bricks and putting planks from the old picnic table on top. Two urn planters on top of those and now I just need to get soil and plants. I still can't get over all the crocus!! They're everywhere, just the way I like it!! Now, the daffodils are joining in and the birds are everywhere! My neighbor and I saw a woodpecker as we chatted. I haven't seen one here before, and I'm not positive which type, I'll look it up and TRY to get a photo. I have one hummingbird feeder up and another one to hang and , as you can tell, Spring has hit me!!
I find it amazing how flowers can work their way up through thick carpets of leaves!!

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