Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm on a Roll...

....and since I wasn't finished with the post I just did, I will continue on a new post. Still learning!
At the store we had our second Author signing. I'm happy to say that I had a bit to do with it, although if the whacky lovables hadn't been there to put me together when I got overwhelmed, the signings wouldn't have happened. We had Carol Haile who writes, illustrates (and also does beautiful calligraphy) childrens books. It's the second time she's been with us and she's great with the kids as well as customers who thinks she works there!
We had a poetry author, a satyrical Sci-Fi author, a historical fiction writer, a self help author and a adult fiction writer. All these folks are local to the BerksCounty area.I hope we'll be able to do more signings and events in 2009.

One last little something....This is Sebastian Bear. Many years ago when my girls and I were struggling for survival I wanted a home and life like Tasha Tudor, and the folks in Country Living Magazine. Believe me the dreams kept me going when we were close to being in the streets. I had seen a teddy bear standing on a hearth of someones home on the cover of a winter issue of Country Living. I ached for that teddy bear...jointed and antigue, all the stories bundled inside this wonderful little bear.
I needed an operation and wasnt able to work for some time and I decided I would make this teddy bear, somehow! And using the coats my little girls could no longer wear and odds and ends from around the house.....I created Sebastian. And because he was made from these coats that my girls wore in all kinds of adventures he is VERY special and I love him. And he's jointed, too!
All I need now is the hearth....ahhh, another dream that WILL come true.
And now, Sebastian is posing for my art work, too. He loves Christmas!
I just noticed he's up there with the authors and he should be down here!!!! Another Adventure in Blogging begins! Ta, for now! Oh, that reminds me....the sweater Sebastian is wearing was done by Griffins mom, Heather, when she was starting out with knitting and here she is knitting Pirate sweaters for her own little man! How awesome is that! Bye again :D

December Already???!!!

Well, okay, what to write today! I'm into Christmas this year moreso than I have been for a while. Maybe the fact that there's a grandson to shop for.......that we are in our own home and some bloomin landlord can't decide to sell the property, raise the rent for whatever pathetic reason they come up with, decide to put new windows in only to change their minds after they've torn out your bathroom window and used our towels to clean up with.....multiply that by MANY years of renting hell and you get my drift? Peace!
So, here are some new Griffinbabyboy photos for your viewing pleasure ( I can hear you, Lupie, saying "Well, it's about time!!).