Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas....

Okay, I promise if this works it will be the last post today!
I figured since this is an art blog ( well, I DID say that!) maybe I should put in a few pictures of a work in progress...
It was done in pencil originally but once again I'm trying to work in charcoal. I hope to have this become a Christmas card. Course, at the speed I'm going it wont be THIS Christmas!
Talk to you next time!

Out Of Africa

I told you it would be soon!
My Son-In-Law, Lee, just came back from his second trip to Africa and brought us some goodies.
One is this beautiful batik piece. He says it reminds him of the strong women in his life. Isn't that a wonderful thing for him to say? Very intelligent young man!!! Bye the way? I'm the one with her top on!!!lol

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog 101

Greetings Blogland!
I can't believe it's been about a month since I started my Blog and haven't posted! I went into bloggy-shock, I believe. I decided I needed to be educated in "Blog" so I started looking up the word Blog and after a brain swelling amount of information came across a magazine called Artful
Blogging ( through Somerset Studio. After browsing online I sent for 2 of their earlier issues.
I am in love!! What amazing people are creating out there! People with fears and passion and homes and families who are finding ways to create art! I am so hooked on this publication, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reach out there but, like me, is afraid of failure, or rejection. Or, if you just need inspiration, believe me when I say "You WILL be inspired!"
Let me know what you think, okay?
More soon!