Sunday, January 9, 2011


I've done this how many times? But, I've been laid off work and I'm in a bit of shock! But, there's also the happy me that , hopefully, now, will get a chance to play!
I still want to do portraits, but I've taken the pressure of myself. I was making myself sick forcing it. I ended up ripping the portrait of Jackson Rathbone to shreds and wondering what the hell is wrong with me!! So I did nothing. My job became more and more stress filled, I wasn't enjoying ANYTHING!
Then I found out my thyroid had gone hyper, again, and realized that was part of the problem and little by little I started pulling myself together (with the help of Doctors and medications).
So, here I sit, I lost my job last Thursday due to downsizing. This was after we were told the store was closing in December and two weeks later being told we were staying open.......nuts, hu?
I have been sending for more Stampington Press magazines: Artful Blogger, Where Women Create, Prims, Digital Studio and for my daughter, STUFFED!! These arent just magazines they're pages of color and dreams come true and happy!! All things I need very badly. These people play!! They raise thier children and create, many from home, and I can't get enough!! It's as if I'm meeting myself on each page!!
So, I've started playing with paperclay...A little snowman is in the making, I've joined a group of doll makers at Cloth and Clay Dolls, and I'm having fun. And from there, who knows!!! Hopefully I'll start keeping up with this blog, too!! It really is one of my dreams to share and create here, too!
The little snowman is ready to be painted now. He's designed by Nancy Malay and you can find him plus instructions in the 2010 Holiday Crafts magazine. LOVE IT!! So Much fun!!

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