Sunday, January 16, 2011


Jeni and I are working on sorting and organizing the basement. This will make our lives so much easier when we both get crazy busy again. It's amazing how many empty boxes we had that just needed to be cut up and put out!
I brought up the 2 boxes of my parents stuff my brothers sent me after Dad died. It's so strange going through the stuff, I can't describe it. I hadn't seen them in SO long. They saved the weirdest things...but I am so glad the pocket watch was in there. I remember loving it as a child and hoping that someday it would come to me. I just loved the engraving on the back.......hmmmm. One good thing is that there are some names of relatives that were in Holland and hopefully I'll be able to do some family research. I didn't have much to go on because we were the first to come from Holland to America in 1957. I remember a few things but not much and they never talked about it.
I am working on a doll, just found my acrylic paints to paint the snowman with and am anxious about getting to it, which is a good creative sign.
The fact that I no longer have a job is beginning to sink in and I have moments of sheer panic! I try to get myself busy or out the door at those times. I know we'll be fine, but having worked since the age of 13 with brief moments of unemployment, it's a tad rattling.
Okay. I rambled enough!

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