Thursday, January 21, 2010

In putting this blog together, one of the things I want to do is show how I've always done portraits. But when I try to put down in words what I've learned and how I start drawing portraits I get lost. I never learned the drawing of the oval with the lines to show where the eyes, ears ,mouth and hairline go. I never learned any of that until much later in life. I just drew! Usually starting an eye, then working in the outline of the face as I laid in the nose and mouth.
I will try to show this from the beginning, once I figure out how. Once I start a portrait I go right brained in a big way, and I usually dont remember much.....the portrait just "becomes". I hope you will come to understand this as you follow me on this adventure.
Since I know about the ovals and the grids, etc. a little more now I will attempt to use them, too. But please remember, I'm learning , too, and you will find your own way to draw portraits. I'm just one of many teachers out there.

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