Sunday, August 17, 2014

Catching Up and Getting Creative

 It's a rainy Sunday morning . I thought I'd post something since I seem to do this once a year!!! I'm coming out of the funk I got into when I lost my job. I'm beginning to enjoy things again. There are good and bad days and moments.

 TT  is a little princess. She's on medication because her heart is enlarged which is pressing against her trachia.
  I finally finished Griffins portrait and gave it to Heather and Lee for their Anniversary this year. I have a few others going now. That's exciting!!!!
   The handsome boy below is Oliver. We've been letting him outside lately. We always stay with him while he enjoys some nature time. He had a terrible seizure about 1 1/2 years ago and now he has diabetes. We give him insulin shots twice a day. Add to that a conure and a parakeet and it's a zoo, at times!!!
  The last photo is just a magickal moment at Grings Mill. My daughter,Jennifer, and I have a car now that doesn't overheat after 6 miles so we're beginning to drive around. We must seem like nut cases, oooing and ahing at everyday things others take for granted!! More later!!!

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