Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our little musician!!!

Griffin loves hunting for Easter Eggs!!! Heather made
his handsome vest!!!

 We had a beautiful Easter with our family. Heather, Lee and Griffin were here along with Jim and Joanna, Jennifer and me. We celebrated on Monday because Lee gets a little burned out from ministering on Easter and Christmas. That gives him a day to gently veg before hitting the road to come up here. And, it just makes these special times last a little longer!!
 Lee picked out the tulips I recieved and I photographed them this morning in the natural lighting in the back room. They are beautiful, and coming from Holland, I can never have to many Tulips!!
  Griffin is VERY frightened of our Conure, mainly her "voice". But Grampa "Jeeem" had him laughing and running so hard, he soon forgot he was frightened!
  I filed for Social Security yesterday. Thank goodness for Patty (Anna) Duke and her husbands video!! It IS a very emotional moment. I decided that after being layed off from this last job that I no longer want to be a pawn in any working situation again. It's taken me almost a year and a half to feel human again. The fear of what to do next, the not knowing , especially after finally buying our own home. No, I want to play, others...spend time with my family. I started working when I was 12/13 years old.  Enough!! All the things I loved doing, the person I wanted to be.......this is my time. I will work, of course. Being a woman, unless we married wealthy, or were VERY successful, means having to work after retirement. But at least I'll have an income to use as a base as I find the next projects, etc.
  I'm still working on the "comment" problem!! 


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