Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthdays and Babies and Critters, OH MY.....

Well,here we are in October.....Halloween, and harvest festivals and home fires beginning to burn. We have some color in the trees and we've had frost in the area. And then, today, all the windows are open and its warm......Fall.
I've been dragging books from the basement to the attic, they're now in my bedroom, by the attic door. My daughters afraid by the time I get them all up there the roof will cave. It's the only way I can organize them. The attic will eventually be my room, but since we bought the place I just have this need to gather things in one place and deal with them, you know? Either they stay, organized till we get the bookcases built, or they gotta go! So, I'm sticking to it and hope I'm strong enough to get rid of some.
Jeni had her Birthday and we had all the critters join in...we really didn't have much choice as you can see by the pictures! Ms. NannyBNanny really likes Birthday cake and Oliver, the cat, loves wrapping paper! And vanilla ice cream! Sorry, I know there's a bit of blur.
Every year we go to the Heritage Festival where, Heather, my other daughter sells her knitting , felting, jewelry and Jeni has been selling her jewelry, too. This year Heather and Lee found out at the last moment that they were going to meet the birth mother of their soon to be baby boy!
So Jeni and I went ourselves. She bought me the red ware plate and we just enjoyed the afternoon so much! We were hoping to see sheep, alpacas, and spinners but didn't see any. One year they had angora rabbits sleeping in the spinners laps while the fur was being spun. Amazing to watch.
And last, but certainly not least, if any of you are traveling through West Reading and Wyomissing come say "HI" at the Book Warehouse! We're having a fund raising for the PETS IN NEED FUND. It's there to help people who may not be able to afford life saving treatments for their pets have the alternative to loosing their pet due to financial reasons. I believe their first recipient was a rescued dog from Katrina. It's nice to know their is help out there , isn't it?
Well, that's all the babbling for now....started a knitting project, and will post some pictures soon! HAPPY OCTOBER!!


Tekgirl said...

Is that a greyhound in a full knitted suit that I spy in one of your photos? I've seen dogs in overcoats before but not jumpsuits! Is this one of yours or someone elses? Are there more photos? Tell me more!

LadyDragonTear said...

Awwww goats!! Oooh and I love that plate!!

Your pic of the covered bridge reminds me of home. I'm a college student and I live in my college town full time now, but my home town has a red covered bridge...and cows...that's about it, no stoplight even. Oh I love living in the country!!

Lupie said...

Great pictures. I one of those people that when someone says Do you want to see family pictures or video? and everyone else goes the other way I can't wait to see them. And I need to know who and what everything and body is!
So is this the first grandbaby?

knakedknitter said...

Congratulations on the new baby! Can't wait to see pictures of him.

Lupie said...

Grandma! Sounds so great! Congratulations!!!!!

bunnits said...

I am really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work. I only started blogging back in April and find it's kind of hard sometimes to keep the momentum going or find the time to post. Reading other people's blogs seems to help.