Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Its The Autumn of theYear

Happy Autumn, everyone!!
Once again I've been lost in blogland confusion. Seems I have 2 blogs connected to 1 and I lost an entire post yesterday because I goofed and what I posted was in the blog I dont want to use but cant get rid of instead of here! Confusing,hu?
I actually knit an entire skein of yarn into a "sharf". What, you may ask, is a sharf? It's not a scarf and its not a shawl....something inbetween. I decided to practice my knit stitch until I got it right and as I went along I really liked the feel of the yarn and the way it looked. So, when I was finished I was pretty thrilled because I tend to start many projects of all sorts and then burn out!
When I cast off the last row I used my hands to gently pull and straighten the sharf and TWING! The whole row unraveled! And since I havent mastered fixing goofs yet...I frogged (my new word) the whole thing! But I did take a few pictures before all was lost so that my new friends on Ravelry can see that I do knit! Or at least , I try!
So , once again, HAPPY FALL! Go out and crunch the leaves and smell the fireplaces and get inspired by the colors. We humans may mess things up but somehow Mother Nature gets it right!
Till next time I'm posting some photos of my extinct "sharf" and Fall!


Lupie said...

What a great post! I love the way you put words together. I'm not the writer in the family that's my daughter
and I also have an artist
http://www.theartgeek.net/ my baby.

Pooch said...

Glorious autumn pix! Congrats on your blog!


Michelle said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!!! I just noticed yesterday on my way home from work a few trees starting to change! I wished I had my camera!

knakedknitter said...

The pictures are beautiful, don't tell me that's your place. If it is, I'm so jealous. Trees don't look like that around here in the fall. They just turn brown and fall to the ground.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures Pegi. I just love the fall leaves.


Hi Pegi - Hope to meet you soon..and also hope the cars get working properly (I know all about cars -yikes!!) As soon as I read "black licorice" in your profile I knew we had to be kindred! If you get to the store please let me know who you are...Autumn Greetings, Judy

Fran said...

Hi Pegi,

Your sharf looks good. I love your pictures. Is this where you live? It's gorgeous. Happy Autumn.

Beth said...

I love the sharf!! Your fall photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

bunnits said...

The photo with the bridge is really neat. And I can relate 100% to when you said, "when I was finished I was pretty thrilled because I tend to start many projects of all sorts and then burn out!" Sounds just like me. I should learn to not start something until I've finished what I'm working on. But...gosh. There's just too much temptation.