Monday, July 14, 2008

and so it begins....

Wow, I've done it! Started a Blog! Now I just need to figure it all out!
This will be the place where I babble, and show my creations as I create's nice because I really get shy and all stupid when it comes to actually Showing them. I feel safer this way.
My creations will consist of Portraits in black and white. This can be anything from charcoal, pencil, photography and once I get color educated, that too! Then there are black and white sketches of special friends and loves in my life.....a lot will have to do with Halloween and Christmas. And I may put some poetry in, too, since I hope to create cards and books, too.
then there will be the Crafty items I want to play with....knitting, dolls, maybe jewelry....we"ll see.
So this space will be a creation in progress and I'm 100% sure I'll do some major screwups so be gentle when you respond, okay?

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angel720a said...

Yay Pegi!! :) Awesome portrait! :)